Remembering Steve

I don’t live near an Apple Store. I had been meaning to travel to Glasgow to look at Macs for a while – my 2007 iMac is feeling slow these days when working in Aperture.

This Sunday it felt that the time was right.

The Apple Store had a number of touching memorials to Steve Jobs in the window. Flowers, notes and of course, apples with a bite out of them.

We will miss you, Steve Jobs.

Thank you Steve - Fuji X100, ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/125

Thanks for everything Steve! - Fuji X100, ISO 200, f/4, 1/58

We will miss you - Fuji X100, ISO 2500, f/11, 1/40

2 thoughts on “Remembering Steve

  1. Still on the fence about Steve. No question about his work. Still not sure about Steve the man. I guess we will have to live with his fantastic contributions and just dwell on the personal. Nice photo essay !

    • Yes, while Steve’s incredible focus and determination made for a company that designs fantastic products, there are certainly a lot of anecdotes that suggest these qualities could make him difficult to interact with at times.

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