7 thoughts on “Pedestal Of Desire

  1. Ha! Ha! Mike! Like it and the caption! Nicely put together shot of every man’s nightmare! Much more emphasis and impact in black and white than it would have had in colour! Isn’t it funny how I was suddenly very aware of the wallet in my back pocket?

  2. Hey Mike …Love your blog…. thanks for the clown comments. You don’t know how hard it was for me to not go to the dark side, SK’s “IT” with the clown ‘Pennywise’. Many of the photos that did not make the cut were of all the kids who were afraid of clowns… and there were a good bunch of them. I am glad someone else out there is as twisted as me. 🙂

  3. HeHe! Nice shot of the sort of view that strikes terror into every man’s wallet. Fortunately my wife isn’t into this sort of stuff either, but as she wants a new pair of £150 hiking boots, I’m not sure I’ve got off that lightly!

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