Monochromatic Affection

These two zebras were entwining their necks, oblivious to their human spectators.

This was my son’s first trip to a zoo (and our first time at Edinburgh Zoo), and far better than my memories of zoos as a child. The animals had more land to roam in, and there was much more focus on endangered breeding programmes than 20 years ago.

My son’s favourite part of the zoo? The climbing nets in the children’s play area. I guess real animals don’t talk and make jokes like at the movies…

6 thoughts on “Monochromatic Affection

  1. Hey Mike, Cracking shot – nicely composed, interesting focus and looks more like Africa than Edinburgh Zoo! Ha! Ha! I have two grown up lads, now 27 and 25 years of age and I remember that well. My sons favourites on any visit used to be the play area and the shop!!! Regards, John

    • Thanks John. We try to move through the shop as quickly as possible. They all seem to have model trains and animals at small child eye height, and signs saying “Do not touch”. Who are they kidding?

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