Mount Wilson

I took a trip up into the mountains last Sunday, to check up a couple of places for some photography and to get some “shutter therapy”.

As I climbed the mountains, the temperature dropped several degrees, and I ended up at Mount Wilson, as I’d been told the trees were particularly good during Autumn.

Alas, I was a couple of weeks late, and most of the trees were bare, although there were some particularly beautiful Japanese maples that had retained their foliage.

Mount Wilson 1

Mount Wilson 2

Mount Wilson 3

Mount Wilson 4

Mount Wilson 5

Mount Wilson 6

Mount Wilson 7

9 thoughts on “Mount Wilson

  1. Yea that timing thing is a feast or famine for me too. I just try and make the best of it while I am there. Love the maple shots also. You keep throwing me off with seasons 🙂

    • I’m still thrown, myself. We watched The Snowman animation the other day, and I promised my son (yet again) that we would take him up the mountain next time it snows. Most of the Christmas kid’s books in Australia still have Christmas stories with snow and cold – no wonder he’s confused.

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