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Shining Pools

Walking to a meeting in Sydney, the sun was shining onto the glass facade of an anonymous office building. The light reflected in shimmering pools on the side of a sandstone building, making the uniform shapes seem quite organic. Submitted the the WordPress weekly photo challenge Shine.

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Mount Wilson

I took a trip up into the mountains last Sunday, to check up a couple of places for some photography and to get some “shutter therapy”. As I climbed the mountains, the temperature dropped several degrees, and I ended up at Mount Wilson, as I’d been told the trees were particularly good during Autumn. Alas, […]

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Winter Silhouette

I took a walk along part of the Antonine wall today, as it had stopped raining, and the sun was out. Despite it being nearly midday, the winter sun this far north hangs low in the sky, and there were some wonderful silhouettes to be seen. Along the brow of the hill, along with an […]

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