Mount Solitary from Echo Point

I woke early on Sunday morning. It was still dark, and I took the short drive up to Katoomba, and Echo Point, to see the sun rise above the Three Sisters. It was a magical experience. Echo Point can get busy with tourists during the day, but I had the place to myself, and the weather was clear.

Amongst other shots, I took a series that covered the view I had across the valley, with Mount Solitary in the distance. The layers of hills, and the mist gave a wonderful effect, that emphasised the scale of this landscape. I know I talk about the scale of things here a lot, but it still amazes me. Even the highlands of Scotland look relatively compact, compared to this.

I stitched the photos together using Photoshop’s panoramic merge tool, and for a first attempt, I was quite pleased. I am tempted to return and make a better job, then get a good print made. This is definitely best viewed on a wall.

Clicking on the photo will get you a larger view.

Mount Solitary from Echo Point

4 Thoughts

  1. Oh wow, nice panorama. You’ve re-stimulated my interest in the Blue Mountains with these posts Mike. Its been so interesting to read how you’ve reacted to the Australian landscape and your captures have presented a majesty that I’ve never really appreciated. Personally, I’ve found our bushland and foliage to be a bit drab and monochromatic so your interpretations have been inspiring. Plus, placing the Three Sisters within this large panoramic context really helps contextualise things. Beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Distan. The Blue Mountains are very beautiful, and I am enjoying exploring them. I am a coastal person at heart, though, and once time allows, I am looking forward to exploring the NSW coast. The thought of seeing that coastline at dawn, with no people around, listening to the waves, is a captivating one.

  2. Lovely. When I visited the Blue Mountains 4 years ago it was raining heavily and the light conditions were poor, so I didn’t get any decent shots. But these are great and I’m supremely jealous.

    1. Thanks, Stevie. My first attempt at photographing from this spot had me enveloped in freezing fog, with about 3 metres visibility. It’s good to be able to revisit and get to know the area.

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