My wife and son are away visiting Mémé during the school holiday, and I have a weekend to myself. Autumn is here, and I wander out into the garden, with the intention of tidying up and catching up with odd jobs.

It is so still, so quiet. Normally, the garden is full of noise and movement. Nola tending to her plants, Cameron chasing his friends around or jumping on the trampoline, the air full of shrieks and laughter.

Today is so still.













Song Dong: Waste Not

I attended an exhibition this week by Song Dong, as part of the Sydney Festival 2013:-

From his family home in Beijing, to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Waste Not is a transformative installation by one of China’s pre-eminent artists, Song Dong. Conceived by the artist following the death of his father, the work represents his mother’s process of mourning and remembrance. Consisting of the entire contents of her house, Waste Not reflects a journey of hardship and grief, resulting in a display of personal resilience and ultimately a celebration of life.

It was a memorable experience, and prompted me to think of how we remember those who have died, and how much we consume during our lifetime. Although the exhibition was almost entirely made up of manufactured goods that were anything but personal in isolation, when collected together they seemed to tell a unique story.

Song Dong-1-2

Song Dong-11

Song Dong-9

Song Dong-8

Song Dong-7

Song Dong-5

Song Dong-4

Song Dong-3

Song Dong-2

Song Dong-1

More Information on the exhibition.

Mount Solitary from Echo Point

I woke early on Sunday morning. It was still dark, and I took the short drive up to Katoomba, and Echo Point, to see the sun rise above the Three Sisters. It was a magical experience. Echo Point can get busy with tourists during the day, but I had the place to myself, and the weather was clear.

Amongst other shots, I took a series that covered the view I had across the valley, with Mount Solitary in the distance. The layers of hills, and the mist gave a wonderful effect, that emphasised the scale of this landscape. I know I talk about the scale of things here a lot, but it still amazes me. Even the highlands of Scotland look relatively compact, compared to this.

I stitched the photos together using Photoshop’s panoramic merge tool, and for a first attempt, I was quite pleased. I am tempted to return and make a better job, then get a good print made. This is definitely best viewed on a wall.

Clicking on the photo will get you a larger view.

Mount Solitary from Echo Point

The Purple Carpet

The small size and weight of the FujiFilm X-system continues to change the nature of my photography. My XE-1 is always in my work bag now, affording me previously missed opportunities.

The Jacaranda tree stands out with its beautiful pastel purple flowers. I’d never seen one before I came to Australia, but they have become my favourite, and I pass many on my morning walk to the railway station.

There was a storm last night, and the wind shook the boughs, causing showers of the flowers to land on the ground underneath the trees. They form a purple carpet, and I am the first to walk through them.

Jacaranda Blossoms – FujiFilm X-E1 + XF35mm F1.4 R

Jacaranda Blossoms – FujiFilm X-E1 + XF35mm F1.4 R

Jacaranda Blossoms – FujiFilm X-E1 + XF35mm F1.4 R