Back to the future

I’ve been thinking about my photography a lot lately. Partly because we are emigrating to Australia, and that there will be a change in lifestyle that will free up a bit more time to pursue my passion. The weather will mean we will be able to get out a lot more too. But I’ve also been considering investing in some better equipment – equipment that I will choose to match the type of photography I want to do more of. The reality though, is that any decision to spend money on new equipment is one I will want to mull over for some time, at least until we’ve settled.

However, I have bought a new camera. Inspired by some folk whose blogs I follow (particularly John Carey and Jenni), I have been reminiscing about the beauty and joy of film. While I have no desire to spend any more hours in a dark room engulfed in the smell of developer, there is something attractive (in my memory, at least) about the simplicity of analogue photography. I think more about my photo as I don’t went to waste film. There’s no histogram or reviewing of your image, so I put more effort into getting it right first time. The cameras respond to twists and presses with a mechanical resistance and real, not synthesised clicks.

Hello to my new companion.

I found this little beauty on ebay, with new light seals and a Zuiko f1.4 50mm lens. It’s in fantastic condition, and looks like a toy next to a huge, modern DSLR.

I’ve bought some film (Kodak Ektar 100), and can’t wait to try it out tomorrow, when I’ll be in Edinburgh for one of my last visits. Let’s hope I survive the nostalgia.

11 thoughts on “Back to the future

  1. I think you just like to make us all jealous of your move to sunnier climes, Mike! Ha! Ha!

    I have had a number of 35mm film cameras in my time, from a Zenit B, to an Olympus OM10 to the one I still have, a Canon EOS 3, which cost me £700 just before the EOS 10D came out. I bought one of these immediately for just over £1000, after which the EOS3 was never touched. I think I used it twice! I have stuck to digital ever since!

    I think you might have inspired me to have a go with it again and, since it is essentially brand new, why not!

    I would like to see the results of your last Edinburgh shoot, Mike, so please put them in a post! Also looking forward to more Oz shots!



  2. Have fun.

    A few thoughts reading your post (PS:I’m not one to say, ohhhhh, nice post 🙂 )

    A digital SLR is as basic or as complicated as you want it to be. You don’t have to look at hiostograms …if it’s not mirrorless, the shutter sound is real, not simulated, you don’t need to complicate matters any more than film. You take the shot, develop it during post processing, and print it …just like film. I think the whole issue today is that there are so many options and people get so into post processing and comparing their work to others that it just becomes a hassle.

    I will probably never go back to film, but I can truly appreciate it and I still think that film produces a much better looking photo than digital. For me it’s biological vs mechanical. I just gave up with all the equipment crap. A small digital body and a fast 50 equivalent lens. Love it.

    Have fun …thats still a great looking camera, and even if you do go back to digital, I bet you’ll learn a lot through this process, whether you’re a pro or a beginner (I don’t know).

    • Thanks for your comments, John. I’m not giving up digital – just taking a pause while I re-evaluate what I’m doing. My photography has taken a back seat for the last few years, but thanks to a wonderfully supportive wife and a change in our lifestyle that’s coming up, I thought it was time to enjoy the basics of, well, everything, while I think about how to make the best of the opportunities I will have.

      I guess this is my mid-life crisis equivalent of buying a sports car and getting a hair transplant 😉 It’s a lot cheaper!

      • Hey …that’s probably a lot better than my mid life crisis …I’m marrying a Thai girl and bought a house in Korat …ha. …and still trying to convince myself that that new Oly OM-D with the Leica 25 1.4 will make my photography SO much better and is definitely worth it. 🙂

        Good Luck,

  3. Hi Mike, where in Australia are you coming to ? I am in Bendigo, central Victoria. You are going to find the light so different here, much harsher, but you will be blown away if you can get outback and see some of the wonderful sights Australia has to offer !!


    • We’re moving to Sydney, but I intend to travel as much as possible and see as much as I can. It’s going to be so different from what I’m used to, it feels very exciting!

      • What part os Sydney ? good job you are not there at the moment, half of NSW is under water the other half are on flood alert 😦

        Good photo opertunity though, sad as it is to say !

        You will love Aussie, I am a Pom and I would NEVER go back !!

  4. I’ll be working near the city centre, and so we’ll be renting nearby so I can walk to work (exercise and photo opportunities 🙂 ).
    I don’t think I’ll ever return to the UK to live, but I’ll definitely be coming back to see friends and family for visits.

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