Back to the future

I’ve been thinking about my photography a lot lately. Partly because we are emigrating to Australia, and that there will be a change in lifestyle that will free up a bit more time to pursue my passion. The weather will mean we will be able to get out a lot more too. But I’ve also been considering investing in some better equipment – equipment that I will choose to match the type of photography I want to do more of. The reality though, is that any decision to spend money on new equipment is one I will want to mull over for some time, at least until we’ve settled.

However, I have bought a new camera. Inspired by some folk whose blogs I follow (particularly John Carey and Jenni), I have been reminiscing about the beauty and joy of film. While I have no desire to spend any more hours in a dark room engulfed in the smell of developer, there is something attractive (in my memory, at least) about the simplicity of analogue photography. I think more about my photo as I don’t went to waste film. There’s no histogram or reviewing of your image, so I put more effort into getting it right first time. The cameras respond to twists and presses with a mechanical resistance and real, not synthesised clicks.

Hello to my new companion.

I found this little beauty on ebay, with new light seals and a Zuiko f1.4 50mm lens. It’s in fantastic condition, and looks like a toy next to a huge, modern DSLR.

I’ve bought some film (Kodak Ektar 100), and can’t wait to try it out tomorrow, when I’ll be in Edinburgh for one of my last visits. Let’s hope I survive the nostalgia.