The Fujifilm X-Pro2 Resource

The Fujifilm X-Pro2 is with us at last. Here is a selection of resources that may help you.

The official Fujifilm X-Pro2 page.

The launch event:-

The Fuji Guys first look video:-


Jonas Rask’s review – my favourite (he is a talented amateur) with lots of great photos.

Charlene Winfred’s review – street photography.

Patrick LaRoque’s review – portrait, street and documentary photography.

e-photozine’s review.


e-photozine went to the Fujifilm factory and saw the X-Pro  being made.

How FujiFilm manufactures the X-Pro2 – The Verge. Lots of photos. A surprisingly manual process.

Interview with two FujiFilm managers – DP Review. Surprisingly candid and ‘natural’ for a corporate interview. They are clearly enthusiastic photographers themselves.

The story behind the ACROS film simulation, and why it won’t be coming to older FujiFilm cameras.

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