Morning Smoke

I woke to a strong smell of smoke.

After an initial panic, I realised that the back-burning of fuel buildup in the forest around us must have started. The summer months are a time of caution in many parts of Australia. Many of the eucalyptus trees shed their bark annually, along with leaves, leading to a buildup of dry, tinder-like matter on the forest floor. Combine that with temperatures that have reached 47 degrees Celsius (117 Fahrenheit) this year and lightning strikes or careless people, and you have a recipe for serious fires.

The smoke plus the morning mist we get up here in the Blue Mountains, led to pretty low visibility as I made my way to the train station for work.

Morning Smoke-2

Morning Smoke-3

Morning Smoke-4

Morning Smoke

Morning Smoke

18 Thoughts

    1. It’s the first time I’ve experienced this. Coming home on the train, the huge amount of smoke rising from the mountain was striking. Everyone else seemed to ignore it, though, so I figured it was normal.

    1. I lived in Middlesbrough for 17 years, where locals were know as “Smoggies” due to the local industry smokestacks. I must admit, woodsmoke is more pleasant.

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