Seven Mile Beach

South of Gerringong is a nature reserve called Seven Mile Beach. It won’t surprise you that it’s a beach that’s seven miles long.

What did surprise, and delight me, was that there was only one other person there, and they were walking away.

I was able to walk along freshly washed sand, with no sound other than the waves.

7 thoughts on “Seven Mile Beach

  1. Wow. I hope to go there someday, it sounds like the perfect stretch of beach. Great photos too, My favorites are the top two and the next to last. I can really imagine being there and seeing those things. I especailly appreciate the focus and implicit motion. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a cool take on a place… I take it these were shot with the new camera? Love the foot and paw print in this group. Your DOF control in the first and bridge shot are excellent. Very nice set!!!!

    • Thanks, Mike. These were shot with my ‘old’ FujiFilm X100, and jpegs straight out of the camera. I do like those Fuji colours, and I’ve come to love the 35mm equivalent field of view it gives me.

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