Sydney Street #1

I have joined a street photography group on Meetup, as I’ve always been interested in capturing moments of life, and now that I live in (well, nearby now) Sydney, I found myself inspired when walking the streets. It’s such a vibrant city, with lives that flow and intertwine in front of my eyes every time I step out onto the pavement.

The organiser (Nathan) did a great job. With 38 people turning up, we split into groups with a more experienced lead, and headed out for a couple of hours of “shutter therapy“.

Real Kodak Pictures

A lot of bottle

Textual focus

P.S. I am experimenting with WordPress HiDPI support, so if anyone with a wondrous Apple MacBook Pro Retina display is reading this, I hope you are getting the full, high resolution versions!

3 thoughts on “Sydney Street #1

    • I certainly lacked the confidence to do much close-up street before, but I found going out in a small group, especially with someone more experienced did wonders.

  1. I love the photos. Am I correct thinking that you caught them unawares? I’d think it would be for best than asking them just to go back to what they were doing or if they minded. If they look up most people are not bothered.that you take their photo … I personally don’t always like it but will tolerate it and would never be upset unless something upsetting was done.. I love them. Whatever you do to get them I hope you find it owrth it and continue on. Carry on !

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