The Road To Nanaimo

A wet winter’s day, waiting for the coach from Victoria to Nanaimo.

Time to board. “You need photo ID for those tickets”. Uh, oh. Apologies. The “I’m a stupid foreigner” excuse. We’re allowed on, with a disapproving sigh.

Find seats. Seats that get a window view for an excited three year-old.

The air is warm and moist, as everyone’s coat start to steam. Condensation on the inside of the windows, rain forming rivulets on the outside.

We’re off.

The most mundane of journey’s to locals, off to visit family, conduct business or have a wet day out.

To me, every mile we travel seems exotic. Lumber trucks carrying trees to mills. Low-rise buildings advertising unknown brands. Cars I don’t recognise. Even the road signs entice me, with strange-sounding names set in an unfamiliar typeface.

The journey is coming to an end.

Will our distant friends be waiting?

6 thoughts on “The Road To Nanaimo

  1. Mike… glad to see your move went smoothly and you are off exploring. It was funny when you said winter…. then I realized you are on the other side of the world…. 7-eleven’s are everywhere!!!!!

  2. You were right to be confused! This is actually a vastly delayed post from our move out here, when we spent some time en-route with our much-missed Canadian friends. We are in a small rental with most of our stuff in a shipping container and little time to process any photos or make blog posts, hence the seasons being out of synch.

    Having said that, we’ve just passed the winter solstice in Australia, and the sky was bright and the sun still warm (at least in the middle of the day), although it has snowed in the mountains. An improvement over the several feet of snow for months we had experienced the last few years.

    P.s. 7-eleven are here too!

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