9 thoughts on “Frosty Morning

    • The funny thing is, I like the cold – it’s just the continual, grey dampness that wears me down.

      We have friends in Tasmania though, so if I miss the cold we can visit 🙂

  1. I like the cold. I like the rain. I hate humidity coupled with the heat; which exactly what it’s been like in Sydney the last few days. I dream of cooler climates but the “grass is always greener… ” as they say.
    So, pretty much no frosts in Sydney unless you head a little out to the country. Even then, not really through summer. Having said that, Thredbo got snow only 3 weeks ago. (Thredbo is about a 6 hour drive south of Sydney). Strange.
    Nice shots Mike, they remind me of a farmstay we did last year. Crunchy frost, sparkling mornings. Beaut!

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