Autumn Light In Dean Village

I had a spare hour to play with last week at lunch time, and decided to visit Dean Cemetery and Dean Village, near the centre of Edinburgh. I walked the path from the cemetery, along the Water of Leith, which is a gorge cut through Edinburgh, with a river running through it.

The lucky people who live here are surrounded by trees and the sound of the river as it flows out to the sea, yet are minutes walk from the centre of the city.

The sun was wonderful, and you can see how low in the sky it is now, as only the tops of houses caught the rays, even at midday.

4 thoughts on “Autumn Light In Dean Village

  1. Wow… the light really doe stay low. I only get to shoot on weekends and poss real early before work, as it is dark by 4:30 here. I am kind of yes and no to cemeteries. I do not get spooked at all… I just get the feeling of intruding. I only am able to shoot there when no one is around… how about you???
    Thanks for the post by the way.

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