Song Dong: Waste Not

I attended an exhibition this week by Song Dong, as part of the Sydney Festival 2013:-

From his family home in Beijing, to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Waste Not is a transformative installation by one of China’s pre-eminent artists, Song Dong. Conceived by the artist following the death of his father, the work represents his mother’s process of mourning and remembrance. Consisting of the entire contents of her house, Waste Not reflects a journey of hardship and grief, resulting in a display of personal resilience and ultimately a celebration of life.

It was a memorable experience, and prompted me to think of how we remember those who have died, and how much we consume during our lifetime. Although the exhibition was almost entirely made up of manufactured goods that were anything but personal in isolation, when collected together they seemed to tell a unique story.

Song Dong-1-2

Song Dong-11

Song Dong-9

Song Dong-8

Song Dong-7

Song Dong-5

Song Dong-4

Song Dong-3

Song Dong-2

Song Dong-1

More Information on the exhibition.