Manly on a Sunday

I got to spend a couple of nights with some very nice people who were friends of our friends. Luckily for me, they lived in Manly, and on Sunday I headed out early to take in the beach.

This was winter, and it was T-shirt and shorts weather. When I got to the beach front, it was a hive of relaxed activity. The surf shops were open, and there were plenty of surfers riding the waves.

Surfboards at Manly Beach

The less active folk were having breakfast and getting coffee from the cafes. This one looked particularly popular, and as I queued for a flat white, I got chatting to the guy in front. In turns out that he went to the University of Edinburgh to do his PhD 40 years ago, and I work there, so we traded stories about the city and Scottish weather while we waited.

Getting coffee at Manly beach

I was impressed by the large number of joggers that were out. The lifestyle seemed quite fitness oriented – but maybe that’s the weather again. Who would want to stay indoors when it’s this good? There were water fountains all along the beach for the athletically inclined.

Manly beach water fountain

Mind you – those Aussies like their meat!

Manly beach - Ribs and Rumps

Volleyball was very popular. There were public nets set up all along the beach.

Manly beach volleyball

Manly beach volleyball

Despite all the activity, there were plenty of people and their four-legged friends taking in the views.

Manly beach

And of course, no Australian beach would be complete without surfers…

Manley beach surfer

Manley beach