Back in the days when I mostly shot and developed my own film, I visited Barcelona for a week.

My main reason for going was to see the architecture of Gaudi. I’m a secret design and architecture nerd, and the prospect of seeing his wonderful buildings, the Sagrada Família and the Picasso museum in a few days was too much to miss. What I hadn’t reckoned on was the wonderful sea front with a man-made beach (La Barceloneta), which had this curious sculpture by Rebecca Horn called ‘Homenatge a la Barceloneta’.

I loved that this bizarre-looking object was thrusting out of the sand, yet to locals it was perfectly ordinary, and this person was using it to change into his swimming gear on.

I think this was shot on Ilford film, and I scanned it with my very cheap flat bed scanner later. Real film grain – isn’t it wonderful?