Ford Capri in decay

When I was growing up, there were two cars every boy wanted to have as a poster on their wall. One was unobtainable (the Lamborghini Countach), but the other was not only attainable (assuming you were old enough to own a driving license and have a job), but it was far cooler. It was driven by The Professionals and The Sweeney. Tough lawmen that got the villain, the girl and a pint in the boozer, and chased bad guys in Jags down alleyways and around wasteland populated by an unfeasible number of stacked cardboard boxes, that always ended up flying through the air.

As if this wasn’t enough to dream of, I actually ended up driving a Mk II Capri 2.3 V6 in gold with a vinyl roof in my early 20’s. It may not have been the fastest or best handling car in the world, but when I looked down that distinctive bonnet and turned the key, I couldn’t help but think I was a bit of a “geezer”.

So, imagine my delight, when on a holiday in Northumberland years later, I discovered this when out on a walk. If only cars could tell tales, I’m sure this one would have had plenty to say.