Sea of Hands

Every year a public art work known as the Sea of Hands is created on one of the lawns at the University of Sydney. The hands show support by people for Indigenous Native Title Rights and Reconciliation. The Sea of Hands is made from the colours of the Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Australian flags (black, blue, green, red, white and yellow), and each bears the name of the person who planted it.

Paper Cranes

We visited our good friends Toyozo and Grant at the weekend, and before I knew it Toy had made these beautiful origami paper cranes for our son to play with.

They look a little battered now, but that’s just a sign of how much he enjoyed playing with them.

I used nothing more complicated than a few sheets of printer paper and the light from my window to set up the photo. You can see here just how small and delicate they are.