Winter Silhouette

I took a walk along part of the Antonine wall today, as it had stopped raining, and the sun was out. Despite it being nearly midday, the winter sun this far north hangs low in the sky, and there were some wonderful silhouettes to be seen. Along the brow of the hill, along with an old stone wall were trees which looked as though they had withstood strong winds for many years.

I thought this one was a suitable entry for Photo Friday’s ‘Rugged’ theme.

Meeting in the Turbine Hall

I love the Tate Modern gallery in London.

A re-modelled power station, the main exhibition space used to house giant turbines, generating power for thousands of homes and businesses. Now it is a meeting space for friends, about to embark on an afternoon voyage of discovery.

I had sneaked my tripod onto a walkway above the main space, as I had visualised a long exposure with the movement of people below. I wasn’t quick enough, and a security guard stopped me from putting it up. To his credit, he did allow me to continue without the tripod. So I hand-held this one, and managed to get a stationary couple surrounded by movement. It turned out better than I had expected, and this remains a favourite.

Submitted to Photo Friday challenge ‘Public Space‘.

Tiny Fingers

It’s nearly midnight, and our son has come into the bedroom, upset.

“I had a bad dream”.

I take him back to his bed, and offer to lie down beside him while he falls asleep.

“Will you hold my hand?”.

Of course I will.

I was reminded of this photo from when he was small. Really small.

I’m not sure who gets most out of holding hands, him or me?

Submitted to Photo Friday “My Baby”.