Easter Egg Hunt

I’ve finally been catching up with the photos I’ve been taking since The Move, and found a set from Easter.

We hid a bag full of small chocolate eggs for our son to find in the garden of our rented house. As the garden is only slightly bigger than a postage stamp, it didn’t take him long to find them all. This didn’t seem to bother him, though.

Beach Colours in Winter

I love beaches.

Not for lying on, covered in tanning lotion, frying with others, packed in on sun loungers.

Deserted beaches.

Winter beaches.

With a cold wind whipping up a spray, the sand not yet imprinted with human feet, the battle at the edge of the land rages on every second of every day.

A little bit taken away here, a little bit deposited there.

And the colours. Oh, the colours.

The Road To Nanaimo

A wet winter’s day, waiting for the coach from Victoria to Nanaimo.

Time to board. “You need photo ID for those tickets”. Uh, oh. Apologies. The “I’m a stupid foreigner” excuse. We’re allowed on, with a disapproving sigh.

Find seats. Seats that get a window view for an excited three year-old.

The air is warm and moist, as everyone’s coat start to steam. Condensation on the inside of the windows, rain forming rivulets on the outside.

We’re off.

The most mundane of journey’s to locals, off to visit family, conduct business or have a wet day out.

To me, every mile we travel seems exotic. Lumber trucks carrying trees to mills. Low-rise buildings advertising unknown brands. Cars I don’t recognise. Even the road signs entice me, with strange-sounding names set in an unfamiliar typeface.

The journey is coming to an end.

Will our distant friends be waiting?

Sydney Vivid Festival 2012

The Vivid Festival takes place each year around the harbour of Sydney. It is a celebration of light and sound, with buildings lit up with wonderful patterns of light, some of them interactive.

Although much of the festival is on a grand scale, I found the interactions of people much more interesting…