A Weekend At The Turnberry

I had double luck earlier this year – my parents came to stay and looked after our son while we had a rare night away at a secret location (my wife is much better at keeping surprises than I am).

The secret location turned out to be the Turnberry hotel on the Ayrshire coast. Apparently well known if you are a golfer, it’s a wonderful 1920’s style hotel, with the best breakfast buffet I have ever had – whisky and cream on your porridge or a Buck’s Fizz with your cooked breakfast of local specialities? As I was due to drive home I avoided the alcohol, but the view out towards the golf course and beach was fantastic, and we decided to go for a good walk before we left.

I was drawn towards the lighthouse. They are functional, but often beautiful structures, and seem to symbolise mankind’s battle against the elements.

The beach was deserted, apart from a lone horse rider, and we enjoyed just listening to the waves break.

There was a lot of gorse just behind the sand. Not only was it an incredibly bright hue of yellow, but it gave of a strong scent of coconut. Wonderful!

Waiting For The Train

They say the best camera is the one you have on you, so here’s a fun one from my iPhone and using the Tilt Shift Generator app.

This is Waverly station in Edinburgh, from the mezzanine/walkway.

Submitted to the Photo Friday challenge ‘Little’.

Tiny Fingers

It’s nearly midnight, and our son has come into the bedroom, upset.

“I had a bad dream”.

I take him back to his bed, and offer to lie down beside him while he falls asleep.

“Will you hold my hand?”.

Of course I will.

I was reminded of this photo from when he was small. Really small.

I’m not sure who gets most out of holding hands, him or me?

Submitted to Photo Friday “My Baby”.

Monochromatic Affection

These two zebras were entwining their necks, oblivious to their human spectators.

This was my son’s first trip to a zoo (and our first time at Edinburgh Zoo), and far better than my memories of zoos as a child. The animals had more land to roam in, and there was much more focus on endangered breeding programmes than 20 years ago.

My son’s favourite part of the zoo? The climbing nets in the children’s play area. I guess real animals don’t talk and make jokes like at the movies…

Remembering Steve

I don’t live near an Apple Store. I had been meaning to travel to Glasgow to look at Macs for a while – my 2007 iMac is feeling slow these days when working in Aperture.

This Sunday it felt that the time was right.

The Apple Store had a number of touching memorials to Steve Jobs in the window. Flowers, notes and of course, apples with a bite out of them.

We will miss you, Steve Jobs.

Thank you Steve - Fuji X100, ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/125

Thanks for everything Steve! - Fuji X100, ISO 200, f/4, 1/58

We will miss you - Fuji X100, ISO 2500, f/11, 1/40