The Falkirk Wheel

The Falkirk Wheel is a fascinating and beautiful piece of engineering.

Designed to replace a series of locks, boats float out along a viaduct from the top of a hill, then enter one of two “baths”, 180 degrees opposed on the twin arms of a wheel. The wheel then rotates 180 degrees, swapping the top and bottom bath. Out the boat moves, 35 metres below/above its start point.

Falkirk Wheel 1 - Canon 40D + EFS 17-55mm + B+W 110 filter
I used my recently acquired B+W ND 110 filter to get some nice skies and reflections in the water.

Falkirk Wheel 2 - Canon 40D + EFS 17-55mm + B+W 110 filter + Silver EFX Pro 2
Falkirk Wheel 3 - Canon 40D + EFS 17-55mm + B+W 110 filter + Silver EFX Pro 2
Falkirk Wheel 4 - Canon 40D + EFS 17-55mm + B+W 110 filter + Silver EFX Pro 2
I processed the black and white images using Nik Silver EFX Pro 2. I was pleased with the results, and plan to write something up to show my workflow with it soon.

P.S. I’ve had a few requests to show where this is, so I’ve included a map.

The Cricket Match

We recently visited The Forbidden Corner, near Leyburn in Yorkshire. I’d visited a few years earlier, but wanted to take my wife and son.

It’s a fantastical place, where strange labyrinths and mazes intermingle with giant beings in the forest, and my son loved it. Although I took my camera, there is a lot of getting wet that’s part of the fun, and I ended up putting my camera away so that I could leap around with my son as he screamed with delight every time he activated a hidden water jet and got us sprayed.

In a quieter part we stumbled across these models playing cricket.

Christmas Light

On Christmas afternoon we made our way off Dartmoor through some woods. The snow had started to melt in the sunlight, producing a wonderful mist that caught the sun’s rays as they passed through the trees.

Entered in the Photo Friday ‘Glowing’ challenge.

Paper Cranes

We visited our good friends Toyozo and Grant at the weekend, and before I knew it Toy had made these beautiful origami paper cranes for our son to play with.

They look a little battered now, but that’s just a sign of how much he enjoyed playing with them.

I used nothing more complicated than a few sheets of printer paper and the light from my window to set up the photo. You can see here just how small and delicate they are.